Coronavirus update from William Orford

Our Commercial Laundry is continuing to service our NHS and private healthcare clients, supporting the national fight against Covid-19.

The Coronavirus lockdown has seen our hospitality and hotel work radically decrease and our dry cleaning shops close their doors for the time being.

However, for a core team at the Blue Dragon Commercial Laundry in Hillingdon ensuring that the front-line staff at the Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and private hospitals supporting the fight against Covid-19 have hygienically and correctly cleaned scrubs, has become critical work.

Hospital & Healthcare Laundry Services: Bed linen | Blankets | Towelling | Uniforms | Scrubs | Patient Gowns | White & Lab Coats | Chefs’ Wear

BS EN 14065 Accreditation

The Blue Dragon Commercial Laundry is one of the handful of laundries in the UK that hold BS EN 14065 Accreditation, which is the internationally recognised standard for certifying Bio-contamination control systems for the laundry processing of textiles. Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical sectors require this certification, as it sets out a number of process control requirements and demonstrates that we recognise the relevant Bio-contamination hazards and have the necessary controls in place to stop these hazards being present in the laundered textiles. Read more about our BS EN 14065 Accreditation >>

The Francis Crick Institute

We are also proud to be laundering the lab coats (shown opposite) for the research teams at The Crick Institute, where their teams are busy working on testing for Covid-19 and continuing vital studies into the biology of the virus, volunteering scientific facilities, resources and expertise in the search for an effective vaccine. Read more about the Crick Institute’s work >>

Our amazing staff

We would like to whole-heartedly thank the core team that has remained and continues to work so hard to process the healthcare work, their dedication and determination is incredible. We also thank the staff that we have had to furlough, for their understanding and support during this time. We look forward to getting the whole team back together as soon as we are able.

Blue Dragon Laundry – we could be doing more to help

Despite the work for the Healthcare organisations, we have PLENTY of capacity and would love to do more to help the NHS.

If you, or anyone you know in the NHS or Healthcare organisations require professional and commercial laundry services we are here, qualified, experienced and ready to help. Please email me at

Hospital & Healthcare Laundry Services: Bed linen | Blankets | Towelling | Uniforms | Scrubs | Patient Gowns | White & Lab Coats | Chefs’ Wear

Keep well and stay safe,

William OrfordManaging Director Blue Dragon Laundry