We are pleased to report that Blue Dragon Laundry passed the BS EN 14065 audit last month with flying colours.

This certification is for the FULL accreditation for supply of linens to Healthcare & the NHS. Work to attain and retain this acclaimed status really is a team effort. We thank everyone for their hard work and attention to detail that enables us to continue to supply hospitals with the clean linen they require to keep wards and operation theatres sterile and safe environments.

Also, for our hotel and hospitality customers who are preparing to re-open in May. Super clean linen and towels are helping to boost customer confidence and reassure guests as they return to UK leisure venues.

BS EN 14065 Certified for Healthcare Contracts.

EN14065 Certified Firm
Certificate EN14065

BS EN 14065 Accreditation

BS EN 14065 is the internationally recognised standard for certifying Biocontamination control systems for the laundry processing of textiles.

Holding this recognised certification demonstrates to our customers that Blue Dragon laundry recognises the relevant Biocontamination hazards and has the necessary controls in place to reduce the likelihood or stop these hazards being present in the laundered textiles.

What the BS EN 14065 Certification means to your business

Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical sectors are increasingly asking us to have certification for the standard, as it sets out a number of process control requirements that a laundry must implement and monitor in its’ daily operations. Rest assured our accreditation ensures we know how to:

  • Identify and record the potential biocontamination hazards
  • Assess the risk of the hazards and impact
  • Set up a team responsible for the system and controls
  • Implement and operate the system with requirements for documentation
  • Put in place monitoring systems
  • Record results and non-conformance with systems
  • Review the effectiveness of the system and periodic internal audit

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